Jose CHIPI Estrada

Jose “Chipi” Estrada is a Guatemalan-born composer and sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA. Among his compositions is the score for the award-winning animated short-film Metaphora which features his original music; a blend of indigenous Central American instruments and psychedelic electronics and the short-film Jaloguin, for which he wrote the score and also co-wrote the credits song and won the InterContinental Music Award for best song in it's category.

As a sound designer he has been involved in advertisement and indie films; where he applies his musical background to create a blend of textures in the overall sound of visual media.

He began his musical career as a self-taught guitar player in Quetzaltenango, a city in the highlands of Guatemala known as “the cradle of culture” in the country. With no formal musical training, he moved to Guatemala City where he got into sound design and mixing for advertisement. At that time he discovered a whole new world of music that inspired and led him all the way to the Musicians Institute College of Music in Hollywood several years later. He currently is a sound designer, guitarist, producer and film composer based in Southern California.


Jose “Chipi” Estrada es un compositor Guatemalteco localizado en Los Angeles, California. Entre sus composiciones se encuentran el cortometraje premiado Metaphora, demostrando una mezcla de sonidos nativos a centro y Latinoamérica con sintetizadores y sonidos electrónicos psicodélicos. Como ingeniero de sonido, ha trabajado en publicidad y cortometrajes, en los cuales también aplica su conocimiento musical para crear una mezcla de texturas en el sonido final de los audiovisuales.

Inició su carrera musical en Quetzaltenango, aprendiendo guitarra por si solo. Sin educación musical formal se mudó a la ciudad de Guatemala en donde empezó a trabajar haciendo sonido para post-producción en publicidad. Durante ese tiempo descubrió un nuevo mundo musical que lo inspiró y llevó al Musicians Institute College of Music en Hollywood varios años después. Actualmente es un ingeniero de sonido y compositor para audiovisuales localizado en el sur de California.